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June 6, 2014

Hey, it’s Friday, and if you were looking for high glamour and/or stunningly witty banter, congratulations you’ve come to the right place.

Delivering on the glamour front: The Design Co. a Toronto firm (what else is new?), captured by the camera-lady extraordinare, Lisa Petrole.

You know what this home is? Haute. It adheres almost selectively to a black and white palette–the only departures coming in the form of soft, blush tones, a smattering of metallics, and a hint of neutral flavors to finish it off. In other words: the ideal color combination to woo one’s ovaries.

But really what I admire is the way The Co. has managed to strike that balance–you know the one. The difference between tuck in your shirt and messy your bun and we thank you for respecting our ballgown-and-museum-glove dresscode. 

See that:

Glamorous bedroom with soft blush hues.

Gorgeous and glam living room

High glamour gallery wall by The Design Co.

Striking white kitchen with dark wood floors. Gorgeous kitchen with subway tiling backsplash. Glass front cabinets with beautiful dishware displayed within. Perfectly styled kitchen shelf vignette. Glamorous dining area by The Design Co.

Delivery on the salad-crisp banter: apply below.



Annie Traurig was born with the ability to see order through clutter. As a child, she spent playdates organizing friends’ closets and packing their duffle bags for summer camp.

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  1. Curated Interior on December 29, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Gorgeous spaces!!

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