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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guess what? It’s summer Thursday, come again. So weird how that keeps happening.

Following that fun fact, I offer you 2e Designs. The biz-child of Jessie Touhey, the (ahem) Vancouver design firm (see?) garnered my attention by way of its ability to implant unmistakably coastal, slightly beachy undertones in spaces that, on the surface, manage to feel rooted in the city. Or, not really the city, but, you know, something other than anything overtly covered in sand and decked out in anchors. 

On with the program: 

Kitchen by 2e designs with brass hardware, white island, and dark wood floors.

A kitchen that feels about as fresh as a bunch of asparagus, which is fresh.

Do note the brass hardware, selectively glass-fronted cabinetry, and sublime backsplashery.  

Glass-front cabinet, brass fixtures, and herringbone backsplash.

I hate to have to be the one to say it, but this living room nook is verging on brilliance. Have you ever seen a more clever i.e. unexpected use of striped walls? Oh please, you have not

Such a clever way to add stripes to your walls without overdoing it!

This kitchen isn’t so bad either; utterly refined, even elegant, it’s the kind of kitchen you would look tre editorial-worthy whilst cooking in. Or, you would look like shit, but either way, your presence would stand out against such a sleek backdrop as that. Brush your hair! 

Such an sophisticated kitchen--marble and brass galore. Such an sophisticated kitchen--marble and brass galore. Black exterior brick never looked so good as it does paired with this wood patio set.

Then it’s onto the bedroom, which is calm, collected, and just that right bit plush. 

Bedroom design by 2e Designs. Bedroom by 2e Designs--love the coral bench at the end of the bed!

Now comes the weekly sign-off but don’t despair, there’s plenty more Live Simply where that came from (meaning make sure to get your buns back here come Monday so I can lift your spirits to the highest heights of love and inspiration, only to shame your clutter-habits to no end come Tuesday). Byeee! 


One thought on “Spotlight On 2e Designs

  1. Lauren M

    That throw pillow on the bed in the last picture is rocking my world. What would you call that color?


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