1-2-3 Live Simply! A Little Boy’s Closet Gets A Makeover

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Tuesday folks.

Today I’ve got a little closet makeover coming your way, of the wee babe variety. Let it be a testament to a. the power of uniform hangers, b. the exceedingly surmountable nature of small human spaces, and c. like, Live Simply.

Here’s where we started: 

Hardly very treacherous, you’ll agree. In fact, I’ll bet you’re looking at the photo going, “well, what’s so wrong with that, anyway?”  

But even the not-so-bad can benefit immensely from some purposeful attention. 

And in fact, the not-so-bad are often the best projects to start with, as they require minimum time and effort and provide maximum results, thus boosting your confidence to tackle those other ravages.

The best part about this particular closet is that it took me no more than two hours, and its minimal organizing accoutrements go an impressively long way towards achieving order. 

For the shelves? Open baskets. I choose gingham because ging-ham! And also because the color offerings happened to pair well with the rest of the wee babe’s room. Then, all those loose knick knacks and stray bouncy balls and baseball hats which had formerly been loitering unappealingly on the vastness of the shelf got sorted and given a proper home (labels to come).  

For the clothes? Hangers. But not just hangers. Uniform hangers. Because dear lord people if there is one tenant the Live Simply doth worship at it is that. But also not just uniform hangers but slim, velvet, blue hangers. Because actually, although I prefer these for people of the larger variety, they’re almost more necessary for kid’s clothing. All those miniature button downs just don’t stand a chance in the presence of plastic. Those smaller garments tend to slip off plastic hangers like bite-size spaghetti noodles. Which I guess would make them…ravioli? 

For the drawers? Dividers. Again, almost more necessary for little one’s clothing drawers. Whereas our sweatshirts might be large enough to occupy an entire drawer, those poor little darlings get lost in the sea of drawer, swimming around aimlessly and such.

So that’s that. One little boy’s closet. Two hours of work. Three organizing products. Tell me that ain’t Live Simply. 

1. Gingham Bin // 2. Dream Drawer Organizers // 3. Kid’s Huggable Hangers

3 thoughts on “1-2-3 Live Simply! A Little Boy’s Closet Gets A Makeover

  1. Lisa Traub

    I love this post Annie!! Thank you Thank you for sharing this neat idea!! I am curious to know how how you folded the boys clothes in the last photo? Do you fold them & then have the clothes standing upright instead of in a pile on top of eachother?? I think that is a great idea – that way you can see everything – but just curious if you have a special technique for folding them that way?? Thanks again – love reading your posts!!

    1. Annie Post author

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for the comment and glad to hear you enjoyed the post! I do actually have a method for folding–will keep this in mind as a future blog topic. Thanks for reading 🙂


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