Project Repurpose: Empty Candle Jar

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We all have our particular talents. Mine, I’ll willingly admit, does not fall within the realm of repurposing potentially disposal packaging. A depleted cereal box in my mind belongs in the recycling bin, not in the craft room, getting gussied by way of decoupage and called a storage solution (though I give it over to the people who have the imagination for such a transformation).

There is, however, one item for which I make an exception: empty candle jars are commonly salvaged at LS HQ. In their least exceptional versions, candle jars are glass jars, and those are helpful for holding for about anything. At best, candle jars have lids, lovely labels, even display-worthy colors.

They’re also incredibly easy to convert, which is certainly part of the appeal for me.

[Place your candle jar in the freezer for at least a few hours. Next, take a knife and score around the edge of the wax and make a few cuts to break the wax up. It will crack into large chunks which you can easily remove. The metal wick base will either come right up with the wax or it won’t. I’ve experienced both scenarios. In the event that it’s glued down to the glass, I just fill the jar with hot soapy water and let it marinate for a while. Eventually, the glue loosens up and the base pops right out. Remove any labels, and use baby oil or even olive oil to remove any remaning waxy residue. Wash with soap and water, dry, and WHABAM, you’ve got yourself an empty jar.]

Use them for holding makeup bits:

or cotton pads and Q-tips:

Keep necklaces organized by hanging them over a candle jar edge:

Or keep coffee grounds fresh in a candle jar with a lid:

If your candle is especially chic, you might try transferring a small potted plant from the bog-standard planter to a more elegant residence.

Or keep cut flowers contained in a candle jar come vase:

Nail polishes will nestle nicely in an old candle jar:

As will hair bits like bobby pins:

Finally, a candle jar will work wonders as a pen holder:

Tell me, have you tried your hand at this DIY?

Image credits: Glitter Guide, Can Can Dancer, Jasmine Loves Ikioo, Kristen Piancentini- MayoLuxirare, Trouwen in ToscaneAdore A Polish, Jasmine LovesDormify, Lonny


5 thoughts on “Project Repurpose: Empty Candle Jar

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  2. anya friday

    yes, i use the black large 10.2 baies containers to feature small floral arrangements (instead of buying a doz roses, buy 1/2, 6 stems fit perfectly. or, i split a dozen b/t two containers and place them on both nightstands beside my bed. look to wake up on either side of bed and smell fresh cut fragrant roses –hot pinks look great, so do hot pink & red mixed, mini rose sprays which are a lot cheaper look lovely. the black and pink combo reminds me of old school YSL ads.

    also, i use one for pens (tip: use only identical pens for chic, put together look, won’t be overwhelming busy and tacky. who wants to see 4 different types and colors of pens, pencils and highlighter pens all tossed in the same cup?), also, i fill one with all white matching pencils, they look so designer chic against the blck tumbler.

    also i use them for make up brushes, one on each side of vanity mirror. bookends if you fill them with sand; incense holder – just fill with white sand.

    smaller mini’s in clear diptique tumblers i use to hold cigarettes on my desk and coffee table; q-tip holder; cotton pad holder; barrette and ponytail holders; skincare and fragrance high end samples. these are just some of the ways i use left over candle jars.

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