Product Review: Time & Temperature LCD Night Light

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hi campers. Just a bitty review today for you all.

It begins with the declarative statement: I like a nightlight. Perhaps it’s a preference born from habit– growing up in a house that was perpetually aglow with the pathetic light emitted from many mini bulbs. There is just something soothing about a nightlight, and it has less to do with being afraid of the dark than it does not wanting to blind oneself but also wanting to be able to navigate the darkness when one gets up in the middle of the night to pee.

And so I set out to procure one for my dark-at-night house. I was after function, first and formest, and not so much preoccupied with prettiness– a rarity for me, but sometimes, you just want something that’s going to work, ya know?

So off I trotted to that terribly anxiety-producing place called Bed Bath and Beyond and I’m really devoting far too much text to a product that’s unbelievably adequate and not at all revolutionary but stay with me I do enjoy a story.

There were a bunch of really ghastly basic night lights and among them was my pick: Time and Temperature LCD Night Light.

A clock being the only thing I enjoy in a bathroom more than a night light (we discussed the importance of keeping a time-keeper in the bathroom back in this post), I was thrilled at the opportunity to combine the two.

So here’s the run down:

– Energy efficient LED light

– Always-on clock (also has temperature and calendar display)

– Light is activated at dusk, off at dawn (meaning when you turn a light on it automatically shuts off, turn the light off and it illuminates)

– Many options for color of light, as well as an optional rotation cycle through the rainbow

– Battery-powered clock keeps time when unplugged or during loss of power

For $16.99 and accompanied by a lifetime warranty, I really couldn’t ask for more. If you’re interested, head over here to pick up your own totally not beautiful but very functional night light clock.

*This post is not sponsored by GE or Bed Bath & Beyond. 


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