Paperwork & Photo Scanners Make Keeping Hard Copies A Thing Of The Past

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

In the last couple of years, there’s been a marked shift among my clients in regards to the keeping of hard copies. They don’t want to keep them, is, predictably, what’s happening.

The threat of an audit once inspired enough anxiety that holding on to physical papers felt like an insurance policy against calamity. Lately, people are happy to put their faith in the cloud to come to their aid. Digitizing has begun to feel increasingly like a more secure method of retaining records, in fact.

Paper receipts, business invoices, medical records, business cards– why should I have to keep all of these? People ask. When everything else I do is virtual, shouldn’t my filing cabinet be, too?  And for that matter, let’s rocket those shoe boxes of photos out there into digital space, while we’re at it! Lord knows I’m not looking at them in their current disorganized state.

As the saying goes, the best system is the one you’ll use. If paper copies bring you down, clutter your desk, and feel impossible to keep track of, and organizing in a virtual context feels pragmatic, do-able, and in line with your lifestyle, then I say to hell with thin sheets of wood pulp! Your new attitude: Scan do (baby).

Paperwork & Photo Scanners Make Keeping Hard Copies A Thing Of The Past


The Student’s Secret Weapon Scan Pen

The Archivist’s Ally 35mm Slide & Film Scanner

The Perfect-For-Paperwork Scanner for Mac & PC 

The On-The-Go Mogile’s Mobile, Handheld Scanner

The ‘Operation: No More Shoeboxes Full Of Crumpled Disposable Camera Captures’ Photo Scanner

The ‘This Ain’t My First Rodeo’ Professional Scanner

The Countertop Cordless, Flatbed Scanner


2 thoughts on “Paperwork & Photo Scanners Make Keeping Hard Copies A Thing Of The Past

  1. RuthAnn Firestone

    This is timely. I love how the last one flips over for scrapbooks and wedding books.

    I am in the process of scanning EVERYTHING. My Dad did a lot of our geneaology, old photos and letters, and so I need to share with about 10 or so. Do you have a photoshare product that you like that is simple and affordable? I have looked on google and still am a little uncertain if there is a standout. Sometimes I think it would be just as easy to copy it all on a thumbdrive or cd but there are thousands… Thanks!

    1. Annie Post author

      What an undertaking! Kudos to you for tackling that. I wish I was the person to ask about photo sharing products, but my best suggestion would be hard drives, so…

      Let us know how it goes!!


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