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Monday, June 11, 2018

It finally happened.

On Friday evening, after I-genuinely-lost-count of how many back to back residential moving projects, I had the finish line in sight. Just one more drop off of boxes at a new apartment, and I would have officially made it to vacation.

And then, in the midst of hurriedly juggling key cars, a building key fob, my phone, the apartment key I’d been lent by the building manager, and a cart stacked high with boxes, I locked myself out. I locked myself out. I locked myself out of the apartment to which there were only two keys: one, tucked into the pocket of a bag belonging to my client, on the boat he was currently aboard for the next four days, and the original, which was sitting on the counter of the locked apartment–the locked apartment where my purse was now captive.

Editors, if ever there was a sign that someone is desperately in need of a vacation, it is surely when The Organizer makes such a classically disorganized move as to lock themselves out.


So that’s what I’m off to do. I’m taking the next two(ish) weeks off for Grecian Funnymoon round two.

I predict I shall return refreshed, reinvigorated, and wholly, even more meticulously organized.

In the meantime, the blog archives are at your disposal. 

Catch up on Meditations you may have missed.

Take a crack at some Simplifying assignments. 

Even better, commit to whipping that closet into shape.

Live it Simply, friends.



2 thoughts on “Out Of Office

  1. jenseeme

    Haha! I love this story! Sounds like perfect timing for your vacation. Have a great trip! I’ll be excited to hear all about it when you get back.


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