One Tip Tuesday: Furniture Casters

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The caster serves up to three distinct functions, which, I believe, makes them O.T.T. worthy.

Function #1- Casters protect your floors.

Because anyone who has ever had to move anything across a room (with wood floors especially) knows the irreparable damage that can be caused if, in a state of impulsivity, one decides to shortcut the move by push-and-scoot-method, rather than going to the effort of lifting it, or in the case of very heavy items, enlisting additional pairs of arms to facilitate the transfer. You’ve tried to fix floor scratches with some spit and your thumb-pad (why do we think saliva is the ultimate cure-all?) just about enough for this lifetime, and so you slap some casters on the undersides of your furniture, and glide those babies over the sea of your floor to your heart’s content.

Function # 2- Casters are a small space solution.

If, perchance, you reside in a place of modest size (say, an egregious scam of the real estate variety, in which un-inhabitably small spaces are rented out for exorbitant sums of money per month), then adding casters to your furniture is a seriously savvy move. Doing so allows you to easily shift furniture as needed in order to accommodate various activities, additional human beings, et al.

Function #3. Casters add a stylistic element. 

Add a pair of casters, and suddenly that coffee table isn’t merely there, it’s also taken on a sort of industrial appeal. Go ahead, feel a little cooler.

Get yourself some:


1. Metal Ball Caster with Rubber Tread, Windsor Antique with Wood (Grip Neck) Stem

2. Solid Brass Round Cup Caster With Brass Wheel In Antique-By-Hand Finish

3. Antique Gold Ball Caster with Wood Stem & Socket

4. Self Adhesive Instant Wheels

5. Cast Iron Wheel Medium Heavy Duty Zinc Plate Rigid Caster

6. Industrial Caster w/ Brake

7. Solid Brass Stem And Plate Caster With Porcelain Wheel In Antique-By-Hand

8. Waxman 2-Inch Stem Hooded Caster, Brass

9. Solid Brass Caster with Porcelain Wheel, Polished Lacquered Finish

Image credits (clockwise from top right): 1. Just the Bee’s KneesBHGHGTVKjerstis LykkeBolig Pluss // 2. Inspired by Charm, C.G. Sparks, IKEA, Martha MomentsKjerstis Lykke 


3 thoughts on “One Tip Tuesday: Furniture Casters

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  3. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for helping me learn more about furniture casters. I didn’t know that this could be a great way to move furniture around if you need to accommodate different activities and people. It sounds like this could also be beneficial to people who may want to change the layout of their place often.


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