Monday’s Meditation: On The Significance of Every One

Monday, April 9, 2018

One of the most vital lessons I teach my clients is to recognize the impact of each and every single thing.

Each and every single item they bring into their lives and homes adds to the lot for which they’re responsible to manage.

Each and every single action they take or do not take to maintain the organization we’ve worked to create has drastic influence on the overall sense of simplicity in their lives.

This lesson is not always easy to understand, especially at the beginning, when the sheer volume of their belongings makes the decision to keep or let a single item go seem arbitrary. But it’s also that nobody really wants to believe that each and every one matters to such a great extent.

Speaking of inconvenient truths, the fact that every single thing or decision carries with it incalculable influence has got to be right up there with a warming planet.

Why? Because it means we’re always on the line. We are always standing on the threshold between chaos and order. We don’t get a break. We can’t keep sailing forward on work done in the past. We must continually give credence to the Significance of Every One

Every day we don’t exercise we’re gaining weight or staying the same.

Every tiny challenge we set for ourselves and don’t follow through on undermines the trust we have in our own wills.

Every time we don’t put things back where they belong we’re undoing the organization in our spaces. 

Every additional item we purchase at the store adds to the greater whole of our possessions and our responsibilities.

And the more we let ourselves off the hook, the harder it becomes to hold ourselves accountable to live by the Significance of Every One.

So that “What’s one skipped workout?” may rapidly become, “Shit, I haven’t been to the gym in months.”

And “What’s one time not picking up after ourselves?” may quickly–I mean cruelly fast–become, “Shit, I can’t see the floor anymore.”

No man is an island, but neither is a single action or material belonging isolated in time and space. 

Our lives are created through cumulative results, which means that we can’t, in fact, continue to let ourselves off the hook.

Is all this Excellence tiring? You bet your Oscar Meijer it is. 

And it’s worth it. 



3 thoughts on “Monday’s Meditation: On The Significance of Every One

  1. Kathleen

    Brilliant way to think about our days, our choices and our way of living. Quite poetic actually. You should be a writer of books perhaps. I think you would be successful.


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