Monday’s Meditation: On Restarting With The Seasons

Monday, October 8, 2018

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

The changing of the seasons always brings out the poet in me (I was going to be a poet when I grew up until the last semester of my senior year of college, have I ever mentioned that?). Anyhow, the inner poetess resurfaces when the air changes. Oh, yeah, I remember this, my body says. I remember the way the air feels this time of year, and the way the afternoon light glows golden.

It has taken me a moment to get there, though. I haven’t been pollyanna-ing through the streets, sticking leaves behind my ears and twirling in the wind. I’ve been dragging my heels about this whole autumn-thing. I’ve been dreading the impending darkness, resenting the light that fades ever earlier in the day. I’ve still been denying the fact that summer is over.

But as the weeks go on (I discover, once again, that my willpower cannot dictate the time the sun sets), and the leaves turn from spinach to saffron, from saffron to apricot, from apricot to scarlet, and, finally, to rust, I remember that I am part of a cycle, a continual process of building up and destroying and building up again.

Nature’s most audacious quality might be its commitment to doing over again what it has done so brilliantly endless times before. Its cycle continually brings us back again to where we have stood before, and invites us to begin again. The miracle lies in the fact that we are constantly given the chance to do over, do better.

A new season is a new chance to rise to our highest selves, and to create the lives we really want to be living.

The scenario that we’ve found ourselves in time and time again: this time we can choose to handle things differently than we ever have before. This time we can grant ourselves the freedom to make decisions more swiftly, and to prioritize differently.

Whatever is in nature is surely in us, too. Just as the seasons continually recreate, so, too, can we. We can set fire to old, stagnant decisions, can bring solemnity and pause to a situation. We can embrace the invitation to draw inward, rest, and reflect. In due time, we will begin all over again.  

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