Monday’s Meditation: On Letting Go

Monday, July 21, 2014

Let things go. Live Simply.

Letting go is not a one-step process, as many would believe.

The silent order that orchestrates all things, that is governed by a law of cause and effect, is programmed to return your life to a place of fullness.

It is not only what you let go of, but what you thereafter open yourself up to receive.

Letting go is painful for most people because they fail to realize that by letting go you do not diminish the fullness of your life, you actually increase it.

It is not a coincidence that so many successful people’s trajectories trace back to the point at which they felt they had nothing. Out of the nothingness an idea came to them. It might have been some hard-hitting truth, some realization about their true calling, or some better knowing about their way of life, but that spark would not have come about where the space for it not have been opened up.

By continuing to hold onto things in your life merely so that you do not have to face the pain of parting with them you may be doing yourself an even more serious disservice than you realize.

You may not be able to fathom the wonderful things that could possibly manifest in your life–friendships, romantic relationships, job opportunities, a perfect fitting pair of jeans, a fulfilling hobby–and you are not expected to.

Your job is Simply to be the best person you can be, and to trust that if you serve authenticity by letting go of what isn’t contributing to that cause, all the goodness that exists in the world is capable of finding its way to your doorstep.

Let go with love. And when you do, realize that the space now vacant is not a devastation but an invitation.

In that space where once a friendship existed that now dissolves, where once a blouse hung that now is donated, or where once a career path was imagined that now diverts is not the sorrow of loss and the experience of lack, but all the magic of the new.

Get freed up. Slow down. Live Simply. Breathe.

It’s all on its way to you.

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