Monday’s Meditation: On Going About Our Business While A Dumpster Fire Rages

Monday, September 17, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how strange it feels to be writing about organizing products and beautiful interiors when it seems that the whole world has erupted into one large dumpster fire.

In the midst of political discord and natural disaster, here I am blabbing on about organizing products, lauding the benefits of using trays to corral one’s belongings, and such. 

There’s no denying that talking about any topic that isn’t somber and solemn amidst suffering is awkward at best and tone deaf at worst.

But the truest fact about life is that it continues. Despite everything, simultaneously to it all, we still wake up in the morning (if we’re lucky), and go about our business. 

It isn’t that I want to distract from, or dilute the significance of, major world events by posting about what seems, in contrast, negligible content. It is that part of my duty here on earth is to continue to spread my mission of Simplicity and fulfill my purpose. Not to wait until the conditions are right, but to create the space for the conversation of Live Simply to exist. To remember that my best efforts at healing the world continue to come through the method that feels most natural to me. 

The best thing we can do for the healing of the entire world is to give authentically of ourselves and our gifts.

If politics is it for you, campaign, rally, and fundraise as if the fate of the world depends upon it, because it does. If caring for patients is where you feel your purpose is best utilized, bring every ounce of your attention and compassion to each patient interaction. If interior design is where your most valuable contribution lies, create spaces that nurture families and cultivate peace.

But do not doubt the significance of your contribution. Do not feel as if you must temper yourself and what you project into the world in reaction to world events. The nature of the world is the awkwardness of sorrow and celebration occurring simultaneously, anyhow.

It’s unavoidable that we find ourselves in disparate scenarios, stumbling on joys and sorrows not in sync, but in turn.

We need someone else to embody delight if we’re in the depths of despair. We need to hold the light when others are in the darkness. 

We need to be our most alive, most activated, most tuned-in selves. And we need never apologize for being that. 



10 thoughts on “Monday’s Meditation: On Going About Our Business While A Dumpster Fire Rages

  1. Jane

    Annie, your talent for organizing is what helps people stay sane enough to handle the rough patches. If our homes/offices/whatever are filled with chaos, then how do we ever relax? Being clutter-free and organized is mind soothing for me.

    I’ve been needing some new kitchen storage containers and my first thought was what does Annie recommend? I know I can always pop in here for the best advice.

    1. Annie Post author

      How precious are you, Jane?! Thank you for this incredibly sweet comment, and for taking the time to write it out. So, so glad to hear you feel that way. xxx

  2. Beverly

    you can not live in the fire 24/7. You would burn up and burn out. It is ok to look at everthing else around you becasue there is still wonder and beauty even when there is a fire somewhere else.

  3. Donna Muhammad

    I agree wholeheartedly! And even if you are among the ones who battle the raging “political firestorm”, natural disasters and all manner of things, there must be some respite. Our homes must be able to be a place to retreat to and organization is so critical to that peace of mind. Besides, how can I have all my irons in the fire if I can’t even find my irons – just sayin’


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