Monday’s Meditation: On Finding What You’re Looking For

Monday, January 8, 2018

There’s an art print hanging in my bathroom of rows and rows of little colored dots, each one captioned with a tongue-in-cheek moniker. As I have a wee-sized bladder, and I aim to drink two liters of water a day, I pee with an impressive frequency, which means I spend a good deal of time looking at that print on the wall.

The colored dots are not arranged in any type of rainbow order, and were I to actually count, I’m betting each color is represented in equal numbers.

But sometimes, I’ll look up at that print and a red dot will catch my eye. I’ll read the name of the color, something like picnic tablecloth, or Maine lobster, or Tide detergent, and relish in the wit of it. When my gaze zooms out, all I’ll see are red-hued dots. I’ll think I’ve never noticed how many red-y dots that print contains, and wonder if the red dots vastly outnumber any other color.

Another day, (by which I mean seven minutes later) my eyes will settle on a lovely green-y blue, dried Hydrangeas your husband hates and keeps trying to vote off the island. Next thing, the whole print will be flush with blues. They’ll appear to pop up towards the surface of the glass, while the other colors sink back down into the paper. 

What we look for we find. 

It never fails.

Living in as vast a world as we do, there are infinite entities on which we can choose to focus. And each one of those entities has a flip side; this is a world of contrasts, after all.

When you consider the variety and vastness of the world and the lengths our minds will go to in order to prove our beliefs are true, you can trust that what you want to see will materialize. And not only will it present itself–it will begin to expand. It will stretch and multiply and replicate like so many spores, so that soon you’ll see it everywhere. It’ll pop up at the gym, in line at the grocery store, in traffic on the highway, in office conference rooms, and in your living room. 

If you’re focusing on instances of feeling let down by others, all you’ll get is more feeling let down.

If you’re focusing on injustice and tragedy, all you’ll see is injustice and tragedy. 

If you’re focusing on lack, you will see more lack represented in your life.

If you don’t believe me, take a large piece of paper, draw seven rows of ten dots, all of different colors. Pin it up and glance at it from time to time, and you’ll see: what you focus on expands, while the rest, though no doubt present, your mind cancels out.

Look for green; see green.

Look for yellow; see yellow.

Look for love; see love.

Look for hope; see hope.

Look for light; see light.


One thought on “Monday’s Meditation: On Finding What You’re Looking For

  1. Elizabeth

    Thank you So much Annie
    I really want to make some changes in my life, people tell me to give it time, or let it go….these don’t help.
    thank you so much for this meditation.
    ~hugs Elizabeth


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