Madrona Master Closet Organization: Shoes and Hats Solutions

December 4, 2013

This week I’m sharing a recent client project–the overhaul of a 100 year old closet (catch up on the backstory in yesterday’s post if you missed it). In order that I not dump on you a post the length of so many elephants, detailing the entirety of the closet’s transformation, I’m going to give it to you in nugget form. Today’s tid bit: hats and shoes.

Accessories are a girl’s friend, and to my client, they’re more like BFF’s or blood buddies, if the latter still sounded cute and youthful, rather than the fast track to disease. Her shoe collection–impressive, well-rounded, above average chic–had formerly been hiding away in their original boxes, if not crammed in a pile on the floor in the back/black.

I took one look at the situation and knew the lady was in need of some clear storage boxes. These would allow her to both make the most of her upper shelf space and provide for maximum visibility.

For her heels and flats I used my go-to shoe boxes (I buy these by the case and definitely recommend going that route because it’s slightly more economical). For slightly chunkier heels and short boots I used the men’s shoe boxes (again, bought the case of 20 or so). Then I slapped some labels on those bad boys and hello, shoes.

The boxes, being uniform, achieve an orderly look (we’ve discussed this, remember?), and she can now clearly see each and every pair.

Because closet space is at a premium (when isn’t it, really?), I relegated all off season shoes to a clear and labeled bin and hauled it down to the basement storage room. Come summer the whole operation can easily be reversed.

Onto hats.

Homegirl had a lot of hats. I can’t quite remember where they had once been residing, suffice it to say nowhere legitimate. After considering the options, I ultimately decided to install these Hat Hooks all along the interior walls.

There had formerly been hooks hung mid-way up the wall, and it was a mess. As in, it invited mess, and it made a tight space feel impossible to navigate. It was important, therefore, that the hooks I hung would be high enough up so as to keep the walking space completely open.

Hats are prime candidates for high rise residency, as they can easily be seen and plucked from their perches. Because each one takes up a fair amount of space, hanging them up high is the optimal way to make use of all the vertical space one has, without sacrificing other more accessible wall space.

Just as with the shoes, summer hats deferred to winter, with the former being safely tucked away in the meantime.

I probably almost broke my neck from craning and arms from trying to stretch to uncomfortable lengths in order to make up for my lack of height (I vaguely recall a step stool teeter tottering atop a chair, and even those heights being insufficient) but the hooks done got hung, my client was tre happy, and thus, was I.

Come back tomorrow for more fun in the sun (there won’t be any of that last bit). Bye!



Annie Traurig was born with the ability to see order through clutter. As a child, she spent playdates organizing friends’ closets and packing their duffle bags for summer camp.

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