Live Simply Is Hiring!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Live Simply is in need of assistance! There are currently two open positions:

Part time heavy lifter

I’m looking for a part time/ as needed heavy lifter who can help to haul goods from the house to the car, and up and down stairs and move and lift furniture. This person must be a savage beast in the strength department, capable of handling fragile items with agility and crazily coordinated care, as well as being a whole sack of sunshine and good energy in the attitude realm. 

Qualifications for this position:

-Must be an unbelievably reliable person. The most reliable person anyone who knows that person knows. 

-Have a make-it-work mentality about all things

-Ideally, this person has a very flexible schedule

-Has own transportation

-Be able to pass a background check

-Be local to the Seattle area


Part time administrative assistant/ errand-runner 

I’m looking for an incredibly detail-oriented and trustworthy individual to handle administrative assistant tasks, including filing and bill paying, as well as handling retail returns, running errands, etc, on a part-time, as needed basis. This person must be local to Seattle, and comfortable working in a range and variety of locations around the city. 

Qualifications for this position: 

-Must be sharp as a tack, masterfully efficient, and generally on their game. 

-Must have own transportation.

-Ideally, this person has a very flexible schedule.

-Must provide at least two references who can speak to your trustworthy, detail-oriented character, and proficiency with paperwork. 

-Any sort of background/prior experience with administrative assistant work has the potential to make you a shoe-in.


If either of these sound like you, I want to meet you! If they sound like someone you know, send them this post! 

To apply, send a message stating why you’re the best person for the job to, subject line: the position being applied for. 

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