Live Simply in 2019, April Mantra: Find Reasons To Feel Good

Monday, April 1, 2019

It was a sunny, Spring afternoon, and I was headed home from a meeting with a fantastic client. I had my windows rolled all the way down for the first time in months, and I was really basking in it. Stuck my arm way out and spread my fingers in the air and everything.

A car passed me going the opposite direction, its windows rolled down also, so that the driver’s brusque baritone carried directly across the road: “GOD DAMNIT” was all I had time to hear.

The polarity of our experiences of that moment was too obvious, too hilarious. I laughed to myself as I drove on.

In every moment, there are as many things to feel good about as there are to feel badly about. As many reasons to feel slighted, shamed, insecure, and angry as there are reasons to feel grateful, accomplished, compassionate, and poised for possibility.

What we seek we find, and what we focus on perpetuates.

Find reasons to feel as though abundance is yours, to feel as if the forces of your life are working in your favor, to feel capable, lucky even, and the upsides become endless. Determine to find reasons to assign blame, to victimize, to feel fearful, and to wallow, and those shitty seeds soon enough yield shitty crop it will be your thankless job to harvest.

Our perspective is our responsibility. Our ability to choose is our greatest privilege. And not just to choose once, but to choose again, over and over, endlessly. No matter what you’ve channeled in the past, now is a chance to change your mind and reset your focus. Now is the perfect moment to release all that old baggage, those stories you’ve carried around for years, and just find something to feel glad about. One GOD DAMN thing to feel really and truly good about in this whole world.

Go on; you know you want to.

2 thoughts on “Live Simply in 2019, April Mantra: Find Reasons To Feel Good

  1. Heather

    This is a great redirect and reminder!
    Thank you.
    Here’s to Spring, driving with the windows down and feeling good.


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