10 Totally Ingenious, Ridiculously Stylish IKEA Hacks (2)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Seeing as how the first 10 Totally Ingenious, Ridiculously Stylish IKEA Hacks post I wrote was such a massive hit on the interwebs–seriously, records were broken, the people came a’swarming, it was virtual mayhem- I decided to give you what you seem to be wanting and follow it up with another roundup. Consider this the second graduating class of IKEA hacks. 

1. The folks at Livet Hemma are evidently out to teach the world that chic is only a roll of contact paper away. One covering of Self-Adhesive Marble Contact Liner later, their previously drab KLUBBO coffee table looks utterly swankified.   

2. The MOPPE drawers seem to be a prime candidate for hackery, and Shannon of AKA Design has a version that’s certainly up to par. Through a delicate process of faux-aging, the Lady AKA successfully disguises a freshly factory-assembled item into a unique, must-be-flea-market-super-score. 

3. The Glamourai‘s IKEA hack is so easy she doesn’t even provide instructions, merely making note of the project in her home tour (though for interested parties, the crew at Martha Stewart will kindly provide you a tutorial). The blow-by-blow goes something like this: ($2.99) SIGNE rug, stuffed, sewn shut–throw pillow, hello.  

4. Jenny of Little Green Notebook is somewhat of a DIY prodigy. Here, she works her handy magic on some BILLY bookcases, yielding high clah-ss arched bookshelves, dah-ling. 

5. It goes like this: Sketchy Styles blogger Becky has a whole laundry list of functions that she needs her kitchen island to fulfill, including: seating, storage, small-space and radiator-friendly. She proceeds to whip an EXPEDIT and a bit of NUMERÄR Countertop into a frenzy, ultimately creating a thing of kitchen island brilliance. There are wheels, there are bar stools, there are cut-outs in countertops to garbage bins down below. Honestly, IKEA should just hire her to design their next crop.  

6. Cathrine and Hans Edblad (via Hus & Hem) reassure us of the fact that sometimes it’s less about changing the thing than it is changing the way the thing is used. In a forehead smacking should-have-been-obvious move, the designer couple take two MALM dressers and situate them underneath their son’s bed. The result is more than sufficient storage that sacrifices approximately none of the space in a small room. 

7. Nicole of So Haute has a couple of spare minutes on her hand one day, so she decides to transform her plain-jane AINA curtains into custom Greek key draperies. Ikea who?  

8. Sarah Sherman Samuel of Smitten Studio is kind enough to pull the TARVA dresser aside and tell it, “I think you have lots of potential, you just really need a makeover.” And while somewhere Cher Horowitz and Dionne are squealing and clapping their hands, Sarah applies a coat of paint, switches out the hardware, accentuates the legs, and pronounces it highly presentable bedroom storage.  

9. With IKEA, it seems that furniture they sell in light shades should be dark, and the dark, light. Case in point, Kalie of Little House Big Plans recognizes that in its natural hue, the STORNÄS looks like a cup of menacingly black coffee or a really big smudge on your computer screen. Paint and styling later, the Big Planner has herself a lovely and attractive dining room buffet. 

10. In what can only be described as utter DIY mastery or just plain showing off, Jenny of Little Green Notebook (via Domino) starts with the PAX wardrobe and ends up landing among a field of mirrored doors, custom vanities, crown molding, gold hardware and more, while some unseen voices sing, “you’re out of the woods, you’re out of the dark…” and she and her paintbrushes go trotting off towards the Emerald City, where the wizard will probably tell her she already had the DIY skills all along. To which she’ll respond, “well duh, Mr. Great And Powerful. You really are a hack* Wizard, aren’t you?”

The end.  

*I’m sorry, I had to. 

13 thoughts on “10 Totally Ingenious, Ridiculously Stylish IKEA Hacks (2)

  1. Hubert Q. Spencer

    good advice by the editor and others above. definitely think about whether your cabinets would be functional with a minor upgrade or whether you need to go all out.for us, our old cabinets were incredibly inefficient and we remodeled over the summer using ikea cabinets. we had the cabinets installed by one of the ikea cabinet installers (again, very happy with that decision – they did the job so much more quickly than we could have on our own and for minimal $!). have only had the cabinets for six months, but love them so far. all of the little built-in touches make our kitchen so much more functional than it was before. we also got one of the pantries (door swings open and shelves slide out) and it makes a great use of space.finally, if you’re worried about the cabinets looking too generic, try looking at fancier/more distinctive finishing touches like the hardware/counters/sinks/flooring. those touches could give the kitchen a bit more personality than you would get by simply getting everything at ikea.

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  3. Niki

    How did you paint the ikea stornas buffet? I want to paint my black one, white, but not sure what materials to use? Did you sand it first?

    1. Marie

      What materials did you have to use to re do the buffet I have the table aswell in the dark color and I really want to paint white

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  5. Marisa

    Question about the bed – is the bed resting on some sort of high-rise or platform frame? or is it actually resting on the dressers? Thanks!



  8. Caroline

    The malm dressers under a child’s bed is great but how did you keep the mattress up the other side as the dressers are not the same size as a single mattress and are they sturdy enough to hold the wait. I would love to do this for my boys room but i need to know how you did it?


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