If You’re Going To Save Scraps of Ribbon…

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What I try most to NOT do is, in any way, encourage or enable the amassing or retaining of clutter. But as with all things, one must reach a point of compromise, and as it concerns ribbon scraps, such a compromise is needed. 

Given the overwhelming quantities of ribbon scraps so many of you are in possession of, I am painfully aware that any solutions I offer on the matter may merely add fuel to the bow-tied fire.

You, friends, you are not only re-gifters; you regift in re-packaged packaging, and as yet still have a shiny-object fascination with any and all “perfectly usable items.” And lo, though you have no shame, I say unto you that I do not judge you, but love you, and not only that: I’m willing to meet you in the middle.

So here’s what: firstly, you need to ditch the true scraps. You’re bumming me out with that 4-inch length of twine! You’re disappointing me with those wrinkled, flatted, fraying bits of papery-cloth that once resembled presentable gift wrap! Do us both proud and part ways with the ribbons that aren’t long enough to wind ’round a thimble, or that are straight up ugly.

Then–if you insist on keeping them (as one of my clients recently did; there were extenuating circumstances vis a vis career that earned her a pass )–bring a sense of order to your ribbons. (I’m pretty sure this is the “I know you kids are going to drink, anyhow, so I’d rather you do it safely at home,” organizer-blog equivalent.)

To reign in my client’s cut ribbons, I wound them around flashcard-sized thin wooden “cards,” and then secured them with either pins or tape (depending on the ribbon). The same feat might be accomplished using squares or rectangular pieces of thick cardboard, a la Martha:

Just, you know, aim to be anal enough to make your cardboard pieces of uniform dimensions. 

While I was winding, I got to wondering: is there a better way to do this??

Bee-Inspired‘s approach, the old wind around a TP roll, must make up in functionality what it lacks in prestige. 

Clever ways to organize ribbon scraps.

Meanwhile, over at K.I.S.S., clothespins save the day: 

Clever ways to organize ribbon scraps.

But officially now the gold standard for ribbon scrap organizing is the obviously ideal solution of wooden spools, as Rachel from A Crafted Life demonstrates. 

Clever ways to organize ribbon scraps.

Would that I had had those on hand. Next time. Which there’ll be so, so many of.  


2 thoughts on “If You’re Going To Save Scraps of Ribbon…

  1. DD

    I suwannee, Annie, we have ribbons and bows in our family that we have shamelessly passed around for decades, even unto generations. Today’s storage ideas will help me conserve and curate the collection to achieve authentic gift-wrapping patina, so we can all point to some future Christmas present and say, “Awwww, that’s the pretty ribbon from Aunt Kay’s electric foot tub in 1982.” Best wishes!


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