Hot Summer; (Really) Cool Fans.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

“Can you tell me about this situation?” I asked my client, holding up a basket filled with giant pinecones. “Oh, and before you do, can I tell you there are rivers of sweat running down my back right now? Rivers.”

She had her shirt pinned up to her bra, and we were both guzzling chilled la croixs as if they were going out of stock.

“So hot,” she let down her shirt, using it to fan her torso.

The day before that, I had met with a different client. We spent an hour or so practically shouting at each other over the cacophony of fans, which whirred noisily from every available perch.

Last week I sat with another client sorting toys in the dark. Every shade had been drawn in order to prevent any rays from penetrating.

And so summer in Seattle goes. Just hot enough that you really want some cool air blowing on you, but apparently not hot enough to warrant the installation of central air conditioning. This Michigander is still perplexed.

Seems to be what this town (and others) need are a bevy of fans from which to choose. Ones that don’t necessarily announce their presence by way of noise or by visual dis-appeal. We need an arsenal of really great looking fans that we won’t mind looking at, that perform their duties of cooling the environment with superior skill so that we don’t need seven of them. Like these:

1. USB desk fan w/ handle

2. Personal desk fan

3. Stainless steel personal fan

4. VFAN Mini Classic Vintage Air Circulator

5. Holmes Heritage copper desk fan

6. Insignia Personal fan in Candy Mint

7. Silent Storm pedestal fan  (psst: one reviewer went so far as to call purchasing this fan her “best decision of the summer,” so.)

8. Tripod fan

9. Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan, Vintage White



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