The Best Hooks For Organizing

September 12, 2013

Often I get asked about the nut and bolts of organizing–literally. If you thought a hook is a hook is a hook, well, you’re off it, if ever you were on. There are various jobs that call for specific hooks (good to know), and, conversely, hooks that will apply in myriad scenarios (equally good knowledge to have in your hardware arsenal). And so, I present you with Hooks 1o1 and such.

Swing Hook

As illustrated in Martha’s Homekeeping Room, pivoting hooks are excellent for household tools that have rings or holes at their end, like broom handles and dustpans. As they swivel 180°, the swing hooks can be folded away when they’re not in use, and they’re ideal for absorbing vibration and reducing shock. If you don’t think opening and closing cabinet doors creates notable vibration, you’d be wrong. Too many brooms have fallen from their perches already. Let’s end the fiasco.

hook: Sugatsune JF-T70 Stainless Steel Friction Swing Hook

Image credits: Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart  

Cup Hook

Hooks (top to bottom): Vinyl Coated Cup HookRichelieu Hook, Metal Cup Hooks

Image credits (top to bottom) Design Sponge, Women’s Day, Ula Mirowska via Desire to Inspire 

Cup hooks, aptly named, are the hooks one might use to suspend teacups and mugs from the undersides of cabinets and shelves. They’ve also been known to come in handy in numerous other situations, including but not limited to: hanging individual measuring cups and teaspoons in the kitchen, being used to suspend lightweight rods, which may be used to hang sheer window coverings or wrapping paper, to hang stockings by the fireplace and twinkle lights at christmas (so I hear), as well as being screwed into the back of furniture to suspend stray electrical cords, that would otherwise be visible all over the floor.

S Hook


Hooks (top to bottom): Range Kleen Accessory HooksClassico S HookEnclume S Hook

Image credits (clockwise from top right): IKEA, Sabrina Soto, via Home Dsgn, Martha StewartAnna KernMartha Stewart 

The S Hook is by far the most versatile of all the hooks when it comes to organizing. With two curved ends, they can loop onto any perch of proportionate size, and can be used to hang anything of appropriate weight. They’re popularly used to hang pots and pans in the kitchen. They can also moonlight as accessory management, providing a way to hang both the straps of handbags, as well as necklaces.

*This post was to be more extensive, but then I took my computer into Apple for sort of a checkup and got a call two hours later that my hard drive had failed. Thankfully, I had backed up a week ago, and so all should not be lost, though the computer temporarily is– it’s chilling in the Mac hospital, receiving its transplant, and should, please Live Simply stars above, make a full recovery. Should you care to see more on hooks, please let me know. Also you might see more even if you don’t, so. 

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  1. sarah faubus on September 12, 2013 at 8:09 am

    Very interesting Annie, good post!

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1 Comment

  1. sarah faubus on September 12, 2013 at 8:09 am

    Very interesting Annie, good post!

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