Electrical Cord Management (Part 2)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yesterday we covered cord identification and labeling. Check. Today, little bunnies, we’re talking about how to manage your cords.

Point 1. Keeping cords in place.

There are a multitude of options for keeping your cords where you want them. It’s a small thing, really, but is one way to make your life a tinch more convenient. Rather than rummage through desk drawers and search floors, you can pick up some handy gadgets that will hold your cords in place, even when they’re not plugged in. The Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management is perfect for keeping power cords in check. And the CableDrop Cable Management System is so handy, as it can be affixed most anywhere.

Point 2. Harnessing your cords.

It takes a lot of cords to make tech stations come to life. Labeling them (again, covered yesterday) is one important measure you can take in cord management. Another is to ensure they aren’t just strung up and stretching to and fro and all over the damn place (see: spider web reference in part 1). Use things like velcro cable wrap to keep your cords wound up. Or just use a hair tie or one of those wire twist tie-guys cause hey, sometimes you gotta improvise.

You might also try a little under-desk cable management system action (the one seen here is from IKEA for $10; another take on the under-desk management here: Quirky plug hub).

Point 3. Storing cords in an organized fashion.

As far as that collection of spare cables goes, (after you’ve weeded through it, identified what does what and established you still have a need for each) you’ll want to enact an orderly storage system. First, things first, wind up cords and secure them. Blue Lounge Design CableClips are perfect for this. 

And here is the DIY route– toilet paper roll. A whole life of use after the bathroom, how grand.

 Now that you have your cords labeled and neatly wound, you’ll want to put them somewhere. A storage pouch for cables can be a great solution (Skooba makes a pretty rockin’ one).   

Evidently, so can a basket. Ha.

You can also designate a specific drawer for holding your back-up cords.

And, finally, the ultimate solution for everything: ziploc bags. Sharpie marker. It’s a magic combo.

Image credits: Plug Out Plug Organizer, Good Grips Cord CatchReal Simple, Making it Lovely x 2, Cable Jive, Apartment TherapyKangaroo Storage 2-Sided Pouch, Home Made Simple, PR Web unknown

3 thoughts on “Electrical Cord Management (Part 2)

  1. Monica

    The under mount cable management system ….I love it! I will be sharing this with my brother he is tech nerd …knows his cables (unlike his sister) but in NO WAY is organized…cables running everywhere down the walls under his desk, nightstand and TV consul. Another great post.

  2. Maria

    Oh I can’t wait till they bring out wireless electricity devices. No wires at all. Saying that its hard enough nowadays to connect up a darn print using wireless.


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