An Easy Trick For Keeping Scarves Neat

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Scarves, you will know if you’ve ever tried, are a real pain in the ass to keep organized. I can’t blame anyone for having a messy scarf collection, as I wouldn’t their having a bunch of tangled, cooked pasta noodles.


Recently though, I staged a scarf-ervention for one of my clients. She was limited to cubby space for her scarves, not quite an ideal scenario, but you know, the Live Simply motto is make it work, or is that Project Runway?

The only way we could both keep the scarves in the cubbies and keep them neat was to add an additional element into the mix– a piece of cardboard.

But how’s this for elevated blog tutorial photography, eh? 

This was our first go-around of the system, and so, for the purposes of trial run, the standard box, cut up into pieces, sufficed. Ultimately, we’ll sophisticate the method by either wrapping the cardboard in an attractive paper, or ordering a bundle of folding boards.

Fold the scarf in half or in thirds lengthwise, and then wrap the scarf around the card. You might even consider using a small pin to secure the end. 

Scarves instantly stack neatly and stay in place.

If the system feels too involved for scarves you absolutely live in, you might try adopting it for off-season or lesser worn scarves. That way you alleviate the number of scarves in your main rotation, allowing you to keep those few hung on some handy hooks perhaps.

What will she think of next.


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