Clutter Hot Spots: The Windowsill

Thursday, February 27, 2014

It probably starts with that one little plant. 

It’s got to be that.

That one potted plant that you figure needs a dose of sunshine.

And so, you go ahead and put it on the windowsill.

It’s just one plant, not like that could cause any harm.

Look at that, nature–happy in the warm rays.  

Of course, the nature of things is that they multiply. That one invites another. And that is fact people.

Pretty soon, the windowsill has become the landing spot for any number of miscellaneous items, including more little plants (miniature kitchen jungles, with forestation so thick you can’t see the actual forest, outside), tchotchkes of all sorts, that one broken thing that you’re apparently going to repair any day now, the dog’s prescription bottle, which may or may not be seven years expired and wait–do you still have that dog?

I’m not entirely sure what about the windowsill makes it such an exceedingly attractive spot to put all the bits and bobs you don’t want to deal with, just that evidently it is.

Cluttered sills instantly make a room feel cluttered. Your eye wants, is desperate for, that nice, clean line. And there it isn’t to be found.

Not to mention, light and exterior views are our only chance in this world to make our spaces feel spacious! The easiest way to whack your perceived square footage down by half is to clutter the areas around your windows, which blocks the light, which blocks the view of green grass and trees, which makes your house feel like a cavernous dungeon of clutter.

Is that what you want?

No, I knew you didn’t, sweet dears.

So, here’s what: shut your laptop, walk away from your computer, put down your phone, and go give your sills some love.

(Report back.)

Image credits: John M. Hall via House Beautiful, The Yellow HouseHomepolish, Nikki & KellynTea-Peace

2 thoughts on “Clutter Hot Spots: The Windowsill

  1. Hallie

    Annie, you are always so dead on! It’s like you are in my head. I just went through this process with the kitchen, and living room, window sills and instantly felt better. Now I need to do it with my work space window sill. Please don’t ever stop writing this blog.

  2. Jennifer (@thepapersociety)

    Too funny – was just frowning at my window sill yesterday as I wondered how it got so cluttered- a few candles, a pump moisturizer, a random piece of marble tile sample….. It also made me realize I’m not as sad as I thought I was about not having a window above the sink in our to-be-built house. No chance for sill clutter then!


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