Christmas Ornament Storage

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The trick to storing ornaments safely is to use dividers. Divided segments will ensure that each ornament is nestled in its own storage cocoon, that it won’t bump against its neighbors, and that it won’t shift around to disastrous results inside a container. As an added precaution  you can also wrap ornaments in tissue, and use ziploc bags for those ornaments with glitter.

If you’re a DIY fiend you can create a grid from cardboard slats, and house that inside a container.

Alternatively, you can use a large piece of cardboard as your base onto which you can hot glue plastic drinking cups. House that homemade system inside of a storage container and you’re golden.

You really don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to ornament storage though, as the wheel, or in this case the box, has already been invented. A few offerings follows:

The Household Essentials Holiday Ornament Storage Chest has the added feature of visibility. Being able to see stuff is always a good thing.

This christmas ornament storage box by Snapware allows you to snap together three separate trays.

While this Holiday Wing-Lid Box with Ornament Dividers can hold a whole mess o’ ornaments, and is easily stackable.

The signature ornament storage box by Sterling Pear has three divided trays, all of which are satin-lined and padded.

And finally, the king of all ornament storage boxes, the keepsake ornament storage chest, also by Sterling Pear. The three removable trays in this guy also have padded bottoms, and are lined in luxurious black velveteen. It doesn’t get more grandly indulgent than that.

How do you (not you, Jews) store your ornaments?

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