Spotlight On Susan Koger’s Revolving Closet

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back in 2012, Susan Koger, the founder of indie online retailer ModCloth, let Matchbook Magazine peep into her own closet. Now, in 2016, I’m suddenly compelled to redress the feature.

Wait, wait, wait. Did you all see that? Can we just talk about what she has going on in there for a minute, years after the fact?

Woman’s probably long-moved out of the house by now. But that doesn’t mean her dressing room can’t lend itself to lively blog chatter, now does it?

Here we see Susan, posing proudly yet demurely, in front of her vast shoe collection:

Spotlight On Susan Koger's Revolving Closet

She’s got the polka dots working to achieve the sweet vibe, and the lion to thwart would-be taker-advantage-ofs. Nice work, Susan.

Here, we have her closet.

Spotlight On Susan Koger's Revolving Closet

It’s certainly well organized, we can agree, albeit unexceptional besides for that. Spotlight On Susan Koger's Revolving Closet

The fact that she has a boat load of shoes and accessories and clothing doesn’t throw us much for a loop, given her line of work.

Spotlight On Susan Koger's Revolving Closet

Necklaces, okay, moving on, to–
Spotlight On Susan Koger's Revolving Closet

Excuse me, Susan Koger, what is that?!

Are you the only person in real life–discounting every dry cleaners–to have a revolving closet?

And now that we’re discussing this, Susan, I wonder if you’d mind addressing the impetus behind said clothing carousel? Was it limited space? Or an homage to the brilliance of dry cleaning garment retrieval? Or both?

Come to think of it, you might as well add in there how fast it revolves. Does it only have one speed? Or, is there a manic button for when you just want all your clothes to rush by you, a hypnotizing blur of color and pattern?

Does everyone who visits your house request a demonstration?

I know I’m about 4 years late on the inquiry, but as I spend a considerable amount of time in people’s closets and am yet to encounter such an apparatus in one, I feel the curiosity is warranted.

6 Clever Ways To Solve (All Too) Common Workplace Woes

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes.

1. The problem: limited desk space meets giant monitor.

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes.

The solution: A monitor stand that earns its keep.

This sleek stand not only frees up the space beneath it, allowing you to stow your keyboard or other desk essentials, it also throws you about four USB bones. So, you can have your monitor and your desk space and your charging opportunities and your lunch if you’re organized enough to bring it with you.

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes.

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes.

Option #2: a minimal monitor riser whose base features the perfect parking spot for hard drives and the like, or any other office supplies you want at hand.


2. The problem: limited desk space meets devoted Apple-ite/tech user.

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes

The solution: An ingenious cradle for your laptop.


3. The problem: the case of the missing headphones. The case of the broken headphones that accidentally got sat on, stepped on; other clumsy acts involving headphones. The case of the headphones perpetually being without a proper home and being left to loiter in the middle of the desk, obstructing your writing clicking arm.

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes.

The solution: Finally–a place to hang up your headphones!

Like, a legitimate one. Not the arm of your lamp, or the side of your computer screen, or whatever other DIY docking situation you’ve been attempting all these years. This stand is more than just that, as well; its USB ports mean you can plug charge your headphones if they’re bluetooth. If they’re not, well, you surely have plenty of other things to charge.

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes.

Solution #2: Optical illusion, minimally invasive headphone stand, a rose by any other name. For under $15, this acrylic solution is a kind of no-brainer.

4. The problem: first world phone charging woes. Can’t see the screen easily. Wah wah.

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes.

The solution: A completely functional and super stylish phone charging dock.

This guy comes in an array of metallic hues, and being that included in the menu of options is rose gold, now LS HQ needs it.


5. The problem: So many office cords, so little power outlet.

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes.

The solution: A better surge protector. The 360 Electrical Powercurve.

I raved about this thing years ago and am still standing by my man. It is hands down the best solution I’ve tried, thanks to its outlet’s 360° pivoting ability and USB ports. (Also comes in a mobile version, which are currently plugged into several outlets in my house.)


6. The problem: Ergonomics. Sitting. Chronic back pain. Falling asleep at the keyboard. Not be willing and able to commit to a permanently situated standing desk.

6 ingenious solutions for all-too-common work place woes.

The solution: A height adjustable desk converter.



Lead image credit: El Mueble

I Lived With A Disorganized Closet For Two Weeks…Here’s What I Discovered

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

For two weeks, I was the severely regrettable owner of a horrifically disorganized closet.

It was a brutal and traumatic time for me, and today I’m breaking my silence to tell you about the experience.

Allow me to explain:

a professional organizer lives with a crazy cluttered closet for two weeks and lives to tell about it. Read what happened.

We bought a house, see, one which came with absolutely nothing installed in the master closet. Not even a pitiful builder grade wire situation, which would have been speedily removed anyhow, so.

I called in my closet guy immediately upon closing to get a beautiful system in the works. But of course, nothing happens overnight, and so it was that for two weeks, the clothes were in an absolute state; in open suitcases, in piles on the floor, in piles on sheets on the floor.

In the midst of the madness, I left for Detroit. (Thankfully. I’m not sure I would have pulled through if not for a bit of space between myself and the insanity.)

In my absence, my closet guy came through and bumped up the installation date. I returned to the very real promise of a beautifully organized closet, but one that was as of yet still in complete chaos. The brunt of the hangers seemed to have gone missing, for one thing. And for two, in the time it took for the closet to be installed the original stacks of clothes had co-mingled beyond any shadow of recognition. A proper excavation and sort out would be required.

Thing was, between my returning to Seattle and last weekend, I had not a spare moment to attend to the situation. I was like the energizer bunny after being away for longer than I had originally planned. It was a wake up start being productive, keep going until dinner, sit down for fifteen minutes, continue being productive until bed kind of week. and so I just had to live with the closet.

The light at the end of the tunnel was the weekend at the end of the week, my opportunity to reclaim closet order.

In the meantime, though, I couldn’t find a single thing.

Crunched for time while getting dressed, a pair of clean socks evaded me. Underwear was no where to be found, but useless bikinis made themselves visible in spades. The more frustrated I got, the more hurriedly and recklessly I routed through the clothes. I dug through, shoved around, and threw on the floor.

By the end of the week, I had assembled a small mountain in the middle of the closet floor; clothing items that had gone so far astray, unfolded, and so on, that it would be better to just start from the ground up with them. Literally.

The experience was like seeing behind my own curtain. Or being an audience member of my own show. Or whatever the appropriate metaphor is here.

I was seeing what life is like on the other side and it was terrible!

“This is NOT it,” I would state aloud to no one but myself.

Not that the vantage point is any revelation; I’m long-standing acquaintance of chaos and disorder. But when it comes to my things, well, I truly can’t remember a time when they were in such a state.

The mystery of my missing socks was a dark cloud that hung over my head. Living with such disorder made me feel perpetually and slightly dirty, irritated and unsettled. And, it confirmed for me my mission and my stance in a way I haven’t had happen before.

There are so many unknowns in life. So many challenges. At any given second, we’re each faced with major decisions that shape the course of our lives. We’re weighing things in our mind as we try to navigate our way. We’re constantly guessing and hoping we’re not unknowingly screwing up royally.

You know what we don’t need on top of that? You know what completely undermines our ability to execute those major decisions? You know what takes us over the edge, what’s actually responsible for our stress levels?

Not being able to find a clean pair of matching socks without the slightest hint of struggle.

That is why we Live Simply, because it’s our duty to keep the equilibrium; to keep the things that can be Simple just that so that our minds our free to concentrate on what really matters most.

Image credit: closet of Louise Roe for The Coveteur