Acrylic Shelves

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Given how much I prattle on about acrylic as an organizational material (I do do that, don’t I?)–

[Quick review session: acrylic is much more substantial, sturdy, and lux as compared to its inferior iteration–plastic, while being less fragile than glass. It helps to constantly achieve a clean look and feel, and, is it’s nearly invisible, it’s ultra cramped-space-friendly.]  

–it’s rather surprising that I haven’t yet divulged to you this earth-shaker: 

It’s possible to get your daily dose of acrylic in the form of shelving.

Check it (don’t wreck it): 


Storage can be pretty! Loving the idea of using acrylic shelves to keep things looking streamlined.

Kitchen storage courtesy of acrylic shelves;

Storage can be pretty! Loving the idea of using acrylic shelves in the closet for maximum visibility.

closet-flavored acrylic shelving;

Storage can be pretty! Acrylic shelves in the bathroom--so much better than plastic and so much less fragile than glass. Win-win.

acrylic action in the bath;

Bookshelf styling never looked so good! Loving these examples of acrylic shelving.

office storage and bookshelves of the acrylic variety. 

I’m finding myself quite infatuated with the concept currently.

Because they’re mainly structural due to the lack of color etc., acrylic shelves feel edgy; sleek, and also simultaneously melts away into the wall behind, showcasing whatever items they’re storing.

A few sourced for you convenience: 

Acrylic shelves

1.  Acrylic Shelf 

2. Floor Shelf

3. Now You See It Clear Acrylic Bookcase

4. OKL Exclusive Bow Front Media Console  

5. Clear Acrylic Wall Shelf 

Image credits: 1: Vanessa De Vargas, Photo by Derek Shapton via Dwell; 2. (clockwise from top) Lonny MagazineClos-ette, unknown; 3. photo by Seth Smoot for Joanna GoddardReal Simple; 4. Wisteria, Turquoise LA   Architectural Digest

One thought on “Acrylic Shelves

  1. Ronna

    Isn’t acrylic easily scratched? The lucite/acrylic wedding presents I got looked very awful very quickly.


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