10 Filing Cabinets That Won’t Make You Feel Like You’re In Jail

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My client and I were recently discussing his home office that’s soon to be, and specifically, the necessity for a new filing cabinet.

We immediately agreed that the one he had had to go; metal, clanky, black, with sharp edges and an propensity to tip over when too many drawers are open at once, you know the kind. Not to mention this thing was colossal-six drawers and at least as tall as me.

And then he pronounced the description that I had been unknowingly in desperate need of up until that point: “that filing cabinet makes me feel like I’m in jail.”


Standard filing cabinets are totally the jail-version of office furniture!

Incarceration. Clanky bars and depressing design and it’s no wonder people would rather be arrested than attend to their damn files!

In an effort to introduce some more aesthetically pleasing, less call-the-warden cabinets into the general catalogue, I offer the following, 10 filing cabinets that won’t make you feel like you’re in jail.  

1. Dang File Pedestal Finish: Risk Adverse Grey// Dang File Pedestal Finish: White on Oak

2. Lexington File Cabinet 

3. Dawson Wood 2-Drawer File Cabinet, Weathered Black finish

4. White + Pink West 18th File Cabinet // White + Lime Green West 18th File Cabinet 

5. Blu Dot Series 11 File Pedestal, Graphite on Oak

6. Bedford 3-Drawer File Cabinet

7. 300 Collection Espresso Lateral File Cabinet

8. Hammary Flashback Mobile File Cabinet

9. Modular Office Lateral File Cabinet

10. Copeland Furniture – Catalina File Cabinet

Okay, so now regale me with your jail stories. 

4 thoughts on “10 Filing Cabinets That Won’t Make You Feel Like You’re In Jail

  1. Marika S.

    I have the #4 from Poppin in yellow. Fabulous! Their customer service is also phenomenal. They have a good assortment of other desk materials. Highly recommend it!

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